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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

cheeky story

One misty night I was wide awake and my belly rumbled I’d like a midnight snack. So I got up and mumble to myself will I get caught. I get up and see the moon’s light gazing down on me. I walk along and I feel the mist brushing past my feet I hear the wood creek yus I made it I grab some doritos then got ya! My heart was racing I thought I was going the have a heart attack.

By hayden

Monday, 22 May 2017

inquiry reflection

Inquiry reflection
At the start of the term my learning about being a responsible citizen was unistructural because I didn't  put my hand up for anything. But this term I have improved: I put my hand up for everything like wet day monitor, road patrol and playground leader, I help a lot of people. My project about owning a dog is responsible because you have to be a responsible pet owner to look after a pet. Eg your pet’s food and how to care and love him, vaccinate him and get him registered. My challenge was that we had to try and think back to the old times and remember what we had to do to train him. Overall I feel really proud about my learning.

Week 2: Balloon Rocket experiment

Week 2: Balloon Rocket experiment

After today’s balloon rocket experiment I was reliable, accurate and my observations were valid but I’m not confident about my inferences. My inference was that it had a lot of air but it didn't get very far. It went 1cm it was a fail. So I wonder if I have a different string it will go better?

week 1 gathering and Interpreting data

Week 1: Starting to think about science: Gathering and Interpreting Data.

At today’s slime experiment on Mr Anderson, the slime was liquid, squishy and splodgy. I put myself as relational for interpreting data and gathering data because I know how to gather data because I have experienced it before and the same with interpreting data.
I made an inference that they used half of a cup of corn flour or more and only ⅓ of water or more.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Science experiment

Week 3: Drag

After Friday's experiment we had to use paper in front of the balloon and it went 53cm because it was too heavy for the rocket so it dragged along the line. My inference was that it didn't have the force to push the paper as well. We had fishing wire so I think that the fishing wire made it much better. I tried it with just the balloon and it went 2m and 23 cm. I wonder if I set up the balloon rocket wrong on week 2 or the fishing wire was better.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Responsible citizen

                                                      ☺️Responsible citizens☺️
Are you a responsible citizen?

 A responsible citizen has an important role to play by making our community strong, safe and clean. For an example when my brother was a baby, he fell Into a pool and my dad saved him. One of the qualities of the people is that they follow rules and laws. If nobody followed the rules and laws everywhere would be trouble. Why is this important because the world will be a better place.

A responsible citizen cares for others by being a helpful bystander. By helping others by standing up for others by stopping bullying. My friends are good at stopping bullying because one of them stopped a fight. If nobody does this bully's will rule the world. This quality is very important because the world will be a better place

A responsible citizen contributes by helping others. If this quality is missing  everyone will be lonely. So this quality is important  because everyone can have friends my mum is good at that because she makes lots of friends so everyone can have friends.

 A responsible citizen is trustworthy. If this quality is missing no one would be trustworthy. So this quality is important because so others can trust you. My teacher is trustworthy because I can always count on her. So are you a responsible citizen?

Overall it is important to be a responsible citizen because if you don't things will go bad because sometimes people will need help.
By Hayden Beaven 


 ⚡️Hard core Rugby⚡️

The sun rises on a winter day. I wake up and have a nice hot milo. I get dressed for rugby then I run over to Hagley Park. I already feel like getting stuck in the game. The game starts. I follow the ball everywhere it goes like a cheetah catching its prey.
I do everything. I kick, run, tackle, handle everything. I score, I kick and it's over, the whistle blows. We win. We line up and high five the other team and I run back home. We celebrate with some fish and chips.